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Mama is a Rotterdam-based platform for visual culture which serves as a home base for young creators operating at the cutting edge of contemporary art and pop culture.

Mama’s programme is set where social, cultural and technological developments become visible within contemporary art practice. The platform supports the development of emerging artists through training and productions.

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Practice what you preach
Art, culture and creativity manifest themselves most vividly in countercultural movements, outside of the “institutional” context, according to Mama. But what do you do when you’ve held a strong position in the art scene for over twenty years and are in danger of becoming an institution yourself?

Hacking the logo of the world’s largest art institute was the perfect way to encapsulate Mama’s contrarian mindset and make fun of the idea that she had become an institution herself.

Punk Nouveau
We developed the Franklinstein Fat Roman typeface especially for Mama. It’s formed by the clash of two typefaces in a nod to the origins of punk. Messages conveyed with this typeface can’t help but exude Mama’s contrarian character.

Mama 8-14

Let’s get lost
Aside from being a source of information, the website is also an archive of 20 years of exhibitions, articles, videos, podcasts, interviews and other encapsulations of wacky creativity. Visitors can navigate Mama’s “Universe” in a structured manner, but can also indulge their adventurous side by seeing where the specially developed “Let’s get lost” button takes them.

Carte blanche
The energy and enthusiasm of young creators is central to Mama’s promotional campaigns, and publicity images are provided by the performers themselves. The result, thanks to our template, is an eclectic mix of images displayed in a recognisable format that provides Mama an easy way to structure its material while giving artists carte blanche to present themselves as they please.

Mama Vouwvel
Hoax vouwvel mama

Working in collaboration with designer Bouke Bruins, we developed a modular unit within the Showroom that serves as a workstation, cash desk/ticket office, shop and bar. And like the typeface, the unit is characterised by a clash of design classics!


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