De Hallen

From terminus to the beating heart of Amsterdam

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For decades, De Hallen was but a tram depot. Today, this national monument is a vibrant centre of art, culture, hospitality and more under one roof.

De Hallen’s long history is intertwined with that of the city. It put in decades of service as a tram terminal and workshop, was occupied during the war, squatted in 2010 and then stood empty for years. Until one architect and a group of locals had an idea. 


Everything under one roof
From its cinema to its food hall, its galleries to its bars and its bicycle workshop to its hairdressing school, everything in De Hallen is about sensory pleasures and mental enrichment.


What was once a tram terminal is now the starting point for a cultural journey through Amsterdam, one that links its historical function to its current offerings under a single iconic roof.


Suzan Baars

A landmark
The new logo pays tribute to the building for its service as a tram terminal, the outline of the familiar entrance inviting everyone to step inside and embark on a voyage of discovery.

A travel planner
A travel planner lets visitors plan their route through the building, a handy tool given all that’s on offer. This is supplemented by a tramline map featuring venues as stations.

A time machine
Long-form content brings the brings the building’s history back to life, helping visitors travel back through time. Guided tours by former tram terminal workers are also available for those interested in more tales of the good old days. 

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