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Impakt festival 2018, Utrecht;

Impakt identifies and examines urgent issues shaping our collective future, from the perspective of art, science and technology.

Impakt identifies future trends, which allows it play a key role in determining the focus of public discourse each year. Public intellectuals, critics and industry professionals pay close attention to Impakt, but its year-round programme appeals to a much broader audience.

tentoonstelling ‘A World Without Us’ , Utrecht;
Opening exhibition ‘Abducting Europa’;
Impakt Festival 2020;
Impakt festival 2017, Utrecht;
Impakt festival 2017, Utrecht;
Impakt Festival 2020;

Impakt is deeply committed to the social issues it researches and addresses them from an objective and critical standpoint.

Learning curve
The issues that concern Impakt affect all of our lives, but they are sometimes too complex for the average person to fully comprehend. Thus Impakt organises instructive happenings throughout the year, laying the groundwork for its main event: the Impakt Festival.

Impakt Programme

Impakt Programme Affected Words

Virtual Agora

Connecting Realities with VR & AR

Roee Rosen

Poetry and Catharsis

The festival enables visitors immerse themselves in the year’s theme over a period of five days, through a variety of events that include exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, panel discussions and performances. It marks the culmination of Impakt’s work on the year’s theme.

Impakt Festval 2019;

Impakt Festival 2021 – Modern Love
In our on-demand society, we increasingly meet, date and love online. A future in which algorithms, artificial intelligence and online interactions determine our romantic experiences does not seem so far away. How does this change the way we meet, date, love — or even break up?

Impakt Festival 2020 – Zero Footprint
Impakt presents art and design with the potential to create change now. The works are inspired by alternative worlds from science fiction, ancient indigenous knowledge and perspectives and stories from people experiencing climate change first-hand.

Impakt Festival 2019 – Speculative Interfaces
Easy to use, hard to comprehend. Our reality is shaped by interfaces that are meant to make our lives better and our devices smarter. But how do they shape what we do, how we live? And who’s serving whom?


Impakt Festival 2016 – Authenticity?
Authenticity has become a product sold to us by the lifestyle industry, while marketeers cleverly exploit our yearning for individuality. So what meaning does authenticity still hold?

More than 25 years of research
Besides practical information, Impakt’s website offers a wealth of content and background material on the themes of its research. And visitors to the IMPAKT Channel can access a vast curated archive of film and video art, tune in to live programmes, events and debates, and browse more than a quarter century of research.

Trailer 2020
Bernie van Vlijmen

Trailer 2019
Thomas de Rijk

Trailer 2016
Jaya Pelupessy

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