Prikkel (Stimulus)

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Why do so many people struggle with burnout? How do we process stimuli? What can we learn from people with autism or ADHD? In the exhibition Prikkel, visual artists, scientists, and theatre makers explore possible answers to these questions.

In this sensory exhibition on neurodiversity and sensory processing, theater company Schweigman&, Buitenplaats Doornburgh, the Utrecht School of the Arts, and the UMC Utrecht unite scientific research and art. Artworks, video and light installations, and an interactive lab challenge your perception and senses. How do these stimuli affect you? What insights can be gained from someone else’s experience?

The work is presented at Buitenplaats Doornburgh, a monumental building originally constructed as a monastery. Known for its rigid design, the rough gravel tiles, raw concrete, heavy wooden doors, and strict layout provide a perfect contrast to the exhibition’s theme. Religion, that asserts all people are equal, serves as a stage for an exhibition that proves the opposite: everyone experiences the world in a different way.

We introduce a fresh, tactile dimension to the structure. A soft, flexible and colorful layer that contrasts with the hard material and muted color palette of the monastery.

Barbara Medo
Lize Kraan

Bernie van Vlijmen

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