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Bowie Verschuren

Schweigman& transports its audience into a poetic twilight zone devoid of words, where the  imagination is free to run riot. Each performance is a richly immersive experience for the body and the senses. 

What happens if we momentarily stop trying to mentally process everything around us? If we allow ourselves to just look, listen and feel? The result, for Schweigman&’s audience, is invariably a collective and personal adventure. Whether set on open water or in a theatre, or experienced in the form of an installation, the group’s work always strikes a universal human chord. 


You should have been there
How do you convey the exhilarating experience of a form of theatre that is hard to put into words or pictures? How do you interest people in a performance without ruining the surprise? For this, we sought inspiration in Schweigman&’s approach to performance:

“We give our bodies over completely to a phenomenon; be that spinning in the air and falling or exploring the ground or a corner of the room. What does the phenomenon evoke in us? What does it do to our body? What do we feel? We do this until we uncover the heart of the matter and a ‘story’ presents itself.”

Boukje Schweigman

Tim Jarvis

We capture the range of phenomena that Schweigman& explores in a single primary form, thereby emphasising the centrality of sensory experience.  

Pure essence
The result is a distinctive and expressive identity that signals the experimental and investigative nature of the group. Every performance and phenomenon explored offers a new experience, and for each we design an iconic and intriguing image that captures the public’s imagination while keeping them guessing. 

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The big reveal
Where minimalism is the name of the game in the campaigns, the exhilaration of live action takes centre stage on the website. Schweigman&’s impressive oeuvre is brought to life in film and photography, getting visitors as close to the real thing as possible. 

Bob Mayata
Bernie van Vlijmen

Bowie Verschuren