Let there be house

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House music is evolving and innovating at a furious pace. SW encapsulates the excitement of these changes by showcasing the trailblazers of this incredible scene.

SW’s programming isn’t devoted to a single style, but rather to the rich diversity of subgenres and niches of house music. This in addition to the festival’s distinctive mix of established names and emerging talent has won it fans from around the world.

A constantly changing spectacle of colour and form that reflects the dynamism of the house scene and its fans.

De wereld van Strafwerk is groots. Naast hun festivals houden zij zich bezig met het scouten van nieuw talent, organiseren ze ook kleinere events, worden podcasts opgenomen en kan je verdieping lezen in het magazine op de website.

Bob Mayata
Rento van Drunen
Bernie van Vlijmen

Tim Buiting
Kirsten van Santen

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